Our company has been dealing with coffee for 15 years so we know a lot about coffee. We also know that there are not many coffee maker son our market that would allow baristas to get the most out of coffee. Why using the "Mechanical" concept?

The "Mechanical" concept honours the tradition of manual labour using reliable materials and minimising the use of plastics. The construction is robust and with a focus on reliability. Numerous findings from the experience of baristas were incorporated in the development of the product and it will be the baristas who will most appreciate its features. The product focuses on monitoring and important parameters, which the baristas can set themselves according to their knowledge and requirements. High quality materials are used, and focus is on the accuracy of data measurements and most importantly, on the setting options, which experienced baristas use to improve the quality of coffee extraction. Coffeemakers manufactured today are full of electronics, which is given by the possibilities of modern technologies and the time in which we live in. Electronics that are used are often faulty, and the sensors frequently show irrelevant data. Modern coffee makers that often show incorrect values because cheap technology is used to manufacture them, and it often does not even give the user the option to set the necessary parameters. "Mechanical" means quality, precision, functionality, and originality, all interweaved into this concept.